28th SGIFF: Panel Discussion | Secret Spies Never Die!


Accompanying the Classics programme, this panel discussion with co-curator Lee Sang-joon brings together a group of Bond scholar experts. Approaching the programme’s thematic threads with a transnational context, the discussion will touch on Asian Cinema’s appropriation of the Western spy genre. Considering the transmission of Cold War ideology into Asia, its creative upheaval of genre conventions and blending of local forms of popular culture have resulted in various genre offshoots. With anecdotes from interesting personalities, events and cross cultural exchanges which circulate within the vibrant world of the Asian spy film, the panel will offer insights into the films featured in the programme, and serve as a primer for anyone planning a stopover in this unique fringe history of cinema.


Tan See-Kam is Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Macau, Macao SAR, China. Prior to this, he has taught in Australia and Singapore. He is an independent film producer and has served as a film juror for independent film festivals. He has published widely on Asian cinema, with his latest book, Tsui Hark’s Peking Opera Blues, published by Hong Kong University Press. He is currently Chief Editor of Intellect Press’ Asian Cinema.

Lisa Funnell is Assistant Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Social Justice at the University of Oklahoma. Her research explores the performance and intersection of identities—specifically gender, race, sexuality, nationality and ethnicity—in Hong Kong martial arts films, Hollywood blockbusters and the James Bond franchise.

Andrew Leavold owned and managed Trash Video, the largest cult video rental store in Australia, from 1995 to 2010. He is also a filmmaker, published author, researcher, film festival curator, musician, and above all, unrepentant and voracious fan of the pulpier aspects of genre cinema.

Lee Sangjoon is a self-proclaimed “100% cinema guy”, and has been for the last 20 years. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. He now juggles three research projects – one of which is a book studying the influence of the US cultural Cold War politics on the Asian film industry in the ‘50s, and the emergence of the Asian Film Festival.

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Sun Nov 26, 2017
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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The Salon, National Museum of Singapore
Free Seating (Refundable) SOLD OUT $5.00
Venue Address
93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897 Singapore
Singapore International Film Festival